I’m Natalia and I have a
portfolio of creative solutions.

Craft. Strategy. Teamwork. Execution.
Focus on these aspects enables
businesses to climb.
​That is what design is capable of

and why it’s my passion.

Graphic Design

The first step in making your dreams a reality is developing a brand system to communicate your product. I have always been fascinated my graphic design due to its understated simplicities. My focus includes corporate branding systems and logo development. I have a wide-range of experience working with brands to elevate their image.


Creating an experience is more than just the storefront. A multi-faceted interior approach will help you achieve your aspirations. I have styled for NeoCon with Kiitos and Studio Urquiola and directed the design and specifications for Denso’s Seattle Innovation Lab and Prime + Proper (in Detroit. MI). My obsession with interiors started from age 10 and my goal is to add on consulting to my list of skillsets.

Let’s work together.



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